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Tutus & Tea Parties: {Giveaway} Win $20 Value DIY Party Kit Printable

Tutus & Tea Parties: {Giveaway} Win $20 Value DIY Party Kit Printable: Happy Friday! It's another super busy week here and Bug is coming down with something so I'll cut to the chase..

{Giveaway} Win $20 Value DIY Party Kit Printable

Happy Friday! It's another super busy week here and Bug is coming down with something so I'll cut to the's giveaway is from labarradulce where you can find tons of party printables!  Enter below to win a $20 party kit of your own!

Tell us about yourself.

I'm 32, I live in Guatemala city, Guatemala, if you are in the USA is the country below of Mexico in the map. 
I have an Industrial designer degree but I've always worked also as a freelance graphic designer. i just started to learn K'iche' it's an ancient Mayan language used in great part of Guatemala besides Spanish and it's been quite a challenge.

How did you get started in your craft and selling on Etsy?

Since high school I used to sell to my male friends cards and creative presents for their girlfriends, 
I've been selling online since 2004 in Guatemala in my website and since 2011 on Etsy. I found Etsy by accident searching online, in Guatemala the site isn't that popular. 
At first I was looking just for a site that accepted online payments for my clients in Guatemala without knowing that Etsy will be a new marketplace for my graphic designs.
I joined Etsy on 2010 but started selling until last year because you can't receive your payments in a Guatemalan bank account so I just spend back my profits online.

What is your favorite item in your shop & why?

The washi tapes, you can use it in so many creative ways, use it like regular tape, to decorate crafts or as a wall decor!

Do you have a job outside of Etsy?

I work on my own online business as a baker, graphic and industrial designer, I also sell party supplies and event planning. since 2004.

What is one thing {NOT person} you can not live without?

I can't live without my computer, I spend almost all day in front of mine. It's what gives me most of my income.

What is your guilty pleasure?

I enjoy going to the supermarket, I spend more than 1 hour just walking and "sight seeing" and even more going to a warehouse club, I don't buy that much there because I live alone but I enjoy "window shopping" and tasting all the samples :P

Tell us a joke {if you know one- PG rated please}.

I don't think it translates well 'cause Spanish is my first language but:

"What to do if you are chased by a lion, a giraffe and an elephant?
Get off the carousel! "

"Qué hacer si te persiguen un león, una jirafa y un elefante? 
Bajarte del carrusel!"

Enter below to win a $20 Party Kit Printable 
with an Angel or an Owl.

Contest ends 7/6/12 @ midnight. Open world wide. Emailed as a PDF to winner.

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