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My Crazy Life And Stuff: Harry Potter Potion Necklace Giveaway!

My Crazy Life And Stuff: Harry Potter Potion Necklace Giveaway!: The shop i am going to feature today is Portal and Portkey  where i found such lovely magic potions.Kyra-Lin has generously offered one of the reader a pendent which is of-course related to 
Harry Potter!
Let's see what has she what is up for grab!
This is a complex and rare poison made from the Alihotsy Plant. Just inhaling its fumes is enough to drive a person into extreme hysteria so please use the utmost caution when handling this potion.* These symptoms can only be reversed by the consumption of a powerful antidote. Because of its high toxicity only potion masters of Professor Snape's quality should even attempt to brew it. 

In this 4cm tall charm, I have provided a sealed sample of my personally brewed Alihotsy Draught. Any larger supplies are kept hidden under lock and key in the back of my shop at all times. This bright concoction is so potent that, even sealed, it will glow eerily under blacklight. The 'ring' around the top of the liquid glows neon green at all times.

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