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Modern Flower Child

Modern Flower Child GiveawayResin Bracelet
In the middle of spring, it may be hard to remember the world as anything but green and growing. But come winter, you'll miss the plants that wither in the frost. Modern Flower Child has discovered how to preserve the beauty of the season by casting dried flowers, grasses and other foliage into resin jewelry. She's giving one reader the choice of any one available accessory in her Etsy shop, up to a $25 value. I myself would choose a resin bangle bracelet, perhaps one with pale red petals and green stems like the one above - but resin earrings and pendant necklaces are also an option.

These original designs are inspired by jewelry from the 1970's, but with a modern touch. Each piece includes natural elements that are handpicked, dried and embedded into crystal clear resin. The resin jewelry is molded by hand and not machine so tiny bubbles, bumps and slight imperfections occur - but that just adds to its unique spirit. Her creations truly are a tribute to the beautiful things nature offers us.